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Multiverse Studio Kit 900MHz/2.4GHz

The Multiverse® Studio Kit 900MHz/2.4GHz
brings the advanced technology of the dual band
Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to the film
and video world, featuring Receivers with 20 hour
battery life and contactless charging in an easy
to use kit.


The Multiverse Studio Kit includes:

  • six battery powered Multiverse Studio Receivers,

  • one Multiverse Transmitter with hanging bracket and clamp (for multi universe broadcasts),

  • one Multiverse Node with hanging bracket and clamp (for single universe broadcasts),

  • one DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool (to turn on and troubleshoot any lighting fixture on set),

  • one RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer (for broadcast planning), and various accessories to keep your equipment organized and charged.

Just drop the Multiverse Studio Receiver onto its slot in the case, and it will begin charging. Individual chargers and USB cables are also included to enable charging or powering individual units outside the case.


The Multiverse Studio Kit provides all the tools lighting technicians need to quickly plan, setup, and operate wireless DMX/RDM on set.


5939 Multiverse Studio Kit, open view
5938 Multiverse Studio Kit, open view
Multiverse Studio Kit, Contactless Charg
5904 Multiverse Studio Receiver, 2 butto
5904 Multiverse Studio Receiver, connect

•    Contactless Charging: The Multiverse Studio Kit has contactless charging in an easy to use kit.
•    Choice of Broadcast Radio: Transmit and receive on either the 2.4GHz band or the 900MHz band for Multiverse Studio Kit P/N 5938. 
•    Long Life Rechargeable Battery Receivers: The six Multiverse Studio Receivers included have 20 hour battery life with default settings.
•    Rugged and Splashproof Receivers: The six Multiverse Studio Receivers included have an IP61 rated plastic case, making them splashproof and rainproof (but not for permanent outdoor use).
•    User Selectable SHoW IDs: City Theatrical has always produced wireless DMX products that allow the user to select the optimum transmission method. Users may select full bandwidth hopping, hopping limited to a section of the spectrum (including areas of the spectrum outside of the Wi-Fi range), or adaptive hopping.
•    Adaptive Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping: Adaptive Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping identifies and masks off hopping channels that contain interference, replacing them in the hop sequence with alternate channels.
•    Adjustable Output Power: Sometimes an application calls for the most available broadcast power, but many entertainment systems can utilize lower output power to reduce detrimental effects on other radio systems in the venue, reduce reflections, and improve performance. 
•    Ultra Low Latency: Total average system latency of 4ms. 
•    mDMX (Multiverse SHoW IDs only) 
•    mRDM (Multiverse SHoW IDs only) 
•    SHoW Key Security (Multiverse SHoW IDs only) 
•    Forward Error Correction (Multiverse SHoW IDs only) 
•    Protocols supported: ANSI E1.11 DMX512-A; E1.20 RDM
•    Compatible with all Multiverse and SHoW DMX Neo products
•    User can select a single universe to receive
•    A very simple user interface to set SHoW ID, universe, and other features
•    RDM proxy and responder functions
•    USB-Power Adaptor and USB-A to USB-C cable included
•    Selectable display timeout and brightness level
•    Selectable Auto Off Timeout
•    Battery Time Remaining displayed in both hours/minutes and percent


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