Consultation, Design & Production  Services

RPM Lights is committed to the continuing pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the rigging and design process.  We are dedicated to designing dynamic, exciting and inclusive experiences for today's demanding audiences.

Lighting Design

Technical drawings

Rigging Design

Site Services

Production sourcing

RPM Lights works with our clients to design systems as well as supply and install all required components.  RPM Lights has a proven record of experience within the entertainment industry.


With extensive experience, the RPM Lights team provides full design services to an ever-expanding group of clients.

Our Philosophy is that while equipment is a and the management and operation of the equipment is just as important. We pay very close attention to having experience personnel on our projects to ensure that all components of our design is managed at the highest level.  

Services include but not limited to...

  • Design and specifications for production related services

  • Prepare CAD drawings

  • Scheduling and Sourcing

  • Project Budget estimates

  • On site supervision, insuring that all work is performed within local health and safety rules and regulations

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