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Studio Force V 12 Phosphor - Extreme Output Variable White Phosphor LED Fixture

The new Chroma-Q® Studio Force V Phosphor™ is a 3,200 - 5,600K CCT, variable white fixture which utilises innovative LED technologies found in the Studio Force™ range to provide an equivalent soft edge output to a fluorescent fixture - up to 4,200 lumens - developed specifically for use in TV, film and broadcast studio environments. Other features include fine-tuning of the green & magenta tints and frequency for camera, an extremely smooth uniform wash, extra soft beam, theatrical grade dimming and laboratory calibration to match Black Body Locus. Designed for practicality, the unit is equipped with a manual control mode, colour touch screen interface, fanless, studio& full modes for maximum control of the units and a range of optional accessories.

Studio Force V12 Phosphor
Top Hat
Diffuser Box
Egg Crate
Barn Door
V12 Phos Photometrics.png
V12 Phos Photometrics Table.png
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