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Studio Force D Compact - Powerful Daylight LED Workhorse Fixture

The Chroma-Q® Studio Force D Compact™ is a powerful 6,100K CCT, daylight white lighting tool that works in perfect harmony with the popular Studio Force range. The Compact is a costeffective workhorse, specifically designed for TV, film, touring, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre lighting applications. Utilising core LED technology from the Studio Force range, the fixture provides 2,800 lumens in a cost-effective, slim, compact profile, while maintaining colour compatibility with the rest of the range.

Studio Force D Compact
  • High CRI of 92

  • Theatrical grade dimming

  • Extremely smooth, uniform wash

  • Massive output across the spectrum

  • Radically increased RGBA color palette

  • Super bright fixture, easily washes up to 8m / 26 foot

  • Saturate and pastel colors available from a single fixture

  • 1.2m / 4 foot (48) lengths

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