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Multiverse Panel Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz, Dual Band

The 7dBi/8dBi Panel Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz, Dual Band is a broadband, low VSWR, directional antenna with a 60º Beam spread. While it is designed for for outdoor reception, it can be used for indoor or outdoor projects.

These antennas can be used with a single transmitter in a pair with a splitter to send the radio signal in two different directions (i.e. two sides of a building with the transmitter mounted at the corner).



Product Information:
Color: White
Use Environment: Indoor/ Outdoor
Operating temperature range: -40℃ to + 60℃
IP Rating: IP63
Warranty: One year


Electrical Specs:
Antenna type: Broadband, low VSWR, for outdoor reception, antenna
Frequency Range: 902~928 / 2400~2480MHz
V.S.W.R: <= 1.5
Impedance: 50 OHM
Type of Radiation: Omni-directional
Electrical Wave: 1/4
Frequency/Gain: 902~928MHz:7dBi 
2400~2480MHz: 8dBi
Polarization: Vertical
Identifying Connector: N-Connector, Female

Length: 210mm (8.3 in)
Width: 180mm (7.1 in)
Depth: 43mm (1.7 in)
Weight: 0.87kg (1.92lbs.)

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