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Chroma Q Color One 100

Above Par Performance from ONE Source The new Chroma-Q® Color One 100™ LED PAR features an innovative fully homogenised beam, virtually eliminating the color separation and shadows synonymous with LED lighting – delivering above Par performance from ONE source. Utilising core LED technology from the Chroma-Q premium performance lighting range, the multi-purpose fixture is ideal for a wide range of applications and provides a powerful, creative lighting tool.

  • Fully homogenised beam

  • RGBA ColorSure™ color-mixing palette

  • Extremely uniform wash

  • Defined 18° beam

  • Bold saturates and subtle pastels from ONE fixture

  • High CRI of 93

  • Floor, truss or wall mountable

  • Convection cooled for near-silent running

  • Theatrical grade dimming

  • Choice of IP20 and IP65 versions

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