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Color Force II 12

The Chroma-Q® Color Force II 12™ is part of the next-generation of solutions which take performance to an all-new level. Using the very latest fully homogenised optics found in the popular Chroma-Q Color One 100™ product range, the Color Force II fixtures’ output is a single, clean and pure beam of light, delivering a superior colour blend with no unsightly colour mixing shadows. The homogenised optics and improved Chroma-Q technology provide even higher quality saturates and pastels, and a purer white with no skittles – all from a single source. Factory calibration ensures all Color Force II units are colour matched, so side by side they will be outputting the exact same colour. The new models also provide more creative control, with twice as many light engines accommodated within the same fixture lengths – providing independently controllable cells every 3 inches.

Top Hat
Diffuser Box
Egg Crate
Barn Door
Color Force II 12 Specs.png
Color Force II 12 Photometrics.png
Color Force II 12 Photometrics table.png
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