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NEW Astera Fresnels

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Introducing a new line of Fresnel fixtures featuring built-in battery capabilities, Titan LED Engine, Wired DMX pr Wireless Protocols CRMX, UHF, Bluetooth,Wifi, RDM

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The Chroma-Q® Space Force onebytwo™ is a cost-effective, bright, high quality variable white LED soft light panel that is a modern replacement for traditional soft sources used in TV studio, live broadcast, vlog, film and photographic applications.

Studio Force II 48.png

Studio Force II uses a homogenized LED source capable of delivering variable color temperature, plus/minus green shift control and the ability to produce deep saturated colors when needed.


Helios Tube is an RGB – Amber – Mint LED lighting Tube that has all the features of the popular Titan Tube while offering a smaller format. It allows mounting in areas where a Titan Tube wouldn’t fit and also increases portability.

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